Debut of AV Idol Kasumi Haruka

Not often do I post about AV Idol, but when I do is usually because they are worthy. SOD’s newest AV idol Kasumi Haruka is going to make her debut on September the 1st. With her natural F cups and facial features she is probably the closest thing to Sugihara Anri becoming an AV Idol.

Kasumi Haruka-2008-01 Kasumi Haruka-2008-02 Kasumi Haruka-2008-03 Kasumi Haruka-2008-04 Kasumi Haruka-2008-05 Kasumi Haruka-2008-06 Kasumi Haruka-2008-07 Kasumi Haruka-2008-08 Kasumi Haruka-2008-09 Kasumi Haruka-2008-10 Kasumi Haruka-2008-11 Kasumi Haruka-2008-12 Kasumi Haruka-2008-13 Kasumi Haruka-2008-14 Kasumi Haruka-2008-15 Kasumi Haruka-2008-16 Kasumi Haruka-2008-17 Kasumi Haruka-2008-18 Kasumi Haruka-2008-19 Kasumi Haruka-2008-20 Kasumi Haruka-2008-21 Kasumi Haruka-2008-22 Kasumi Haruka-2008-23 Kasumi Haruka-2008-24 Kasumi Haruka-2008-25 Kasumi Haruka-2008-26 Kasumi Haruka-2008-27 Kasumi Haruka-2008-28 Kasumi Haruka-2008-29 Kasumi Haruka-2008-30 Kasumi Haruka-2008-31 Kasumi Haruka-2008-32

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2 Responses

  1. avmailman says:

    love these kind of breast

  2. Anonymous says:

    watashi mo daisuki.

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