Amazing Chinese cosplayer getting major attention from Japanese netizen

A Chinese cosplayer by the name of Xidaidai has been causing quite a stir among Japanese netizen recently and by the quality of her cosplaying there is certainly a reason to it all. Even by top Japanese cosplayer standard, Xidaidai would easily rank among the elites.
Xidaidai-0811-01 Xidaidai-0811-02 Xidaidai-0811-03 Xidaidai-0811-04 Xidaidai-0811-05 Xidaidai-0811-06 Xidaidai-0811-07 Xidaidai-0811-08 Xidaidai-0811-09 Xidaidai-0811-10 Xidaidai-0811-11 Xidaidai-0811-12 Xidaidai-0811-13 Xidaidai-0811-14 Xidaidai-0811-15 Xidaidai-0811-16 Xidaidai-0811-17 Xidaidai-0811-18 Xidaidai-0811-19 Xidaidai-0811-20 Xidaidai-0811-21 Xidaidai-0811-22 Xidaidai-0811-23 Xidaidai-0811-24 Xidaidai-0811-25 Xidaidai-0811-26 Xidaidai-0811-27 Xidaidai-0811-28 Xidaidai-0811-29 Xidaidai-0811-30 Xidaidai-0811-31 Xidaidai-0811-32 Xidaidai-0811-33 Xidaidai-0811-34 Xidaidai-0811-35 Xidaidai-0811-36 Xidaidai-0811-37 Xidaidai-0811-38 Xidaidai-0811-39 Xidaidai-0811-40 Xidaidai-0811-41 Xidaidai-0811-42 Xidaidai-0811-43

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