Sexy J Cup Otogi Nemoku shows up at Singapore’s Anime Festival Asia 2015

Otogi Nemoku and her J Cups are pretty much the most well known cosplayer in Japan. Is no surprised that she is invited to attend the recent Anime Festival Asia 2015 over at Singapore where she showed off some of her best cosplays as well taking part in autographing events.  As always, her level of cosplay is just out of this world, those J Cups clearly makes the difference.
Otogi Nekomu-0312-01 Otogi Nekomu-0312-02 Otogi Nekomu-0312-03 Otogi Nekomu-0312-04 Otogi Nekomu-0312-05 Otogi Nekomu-0312-06 Otogi Nekomu-0312-07 Otogi Nekomu-0312-08 Otogi Nekomu-0312-09 Otogi Nekomu-0312-10 Otogi Nekomu-0312-11 Otogi Nekomu-0312-12 Otogi Nekomu-0312-13 Otogi Nekomu-0312-14

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