Glasses wearing cosplayer Eri Kitami’s sexy Christmas cosplay

Eri Kitami is one of very few sexy Japanese cosplay who absolutely looks adorable when she is wearing glasses. Hence, she is almost 100% spotted cosplaying with her glasses on. In time for Christmas, she has gotten herself a rather sexy looking Santa dress. Not sure if anyone noticed, but almost every single Western driven holiday ends up being a big dress up occasion in Japan. Not that anyone is complaining because the level of dress up they do here is simply amazing.
Eri Kitami-1012-01 Eri Kitami-1012-02 Eri Kitami-1012-03 Eri Kitami-1012-04 Eri Kitami-1012-05 Eri Kitami-1012-06 Eri Kitami-1012-07 Eri Kitami-1012-08 Eri Kitami-1012-09 Eri Kitami-1012-10 Eri Kitami-1012-11 Eri Kitami-1012-12 Eri Kitami-1012-13 Eri Kitami-1012-14 Eri Kitami-1012-15 Eri Kitami-1012-16 Eri Kitami-1012-17 Eri Kitami-1012-18 Eri Kitami-1012-19

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