Ex Japan Olympics Gymnast Risa Izumi’s nude gravure shoot

Once an Olympics level gymnast who represented Japan in the Athens Olympics back in 2004, Risa is now going to have her very own gravure photo book featuring her in full nude. The album titled “Fairy Tale” is set to released on the 19th of February and based on the images released so far her once Olympics ready body is still looking as athletic as ever. What everybody is wondering, is how can her bust of that size remains so perky after all these years? Is this the result of intensive training? Incredible.
Risa Izumi-602-01 Risa Izumi-602-02 Risa Izumi-602-03 Risa Izumi-602-04 Risa Izumi-602-05 Risa Izumi-602-06 Risa Izumi-602-07 Risa Izumi-602-08 Risa Izumi-602-09 Risa Izumi-602-10 Risa Izumi-602-11 Risa Izumi-602-12 Risa Izumi-602-13 Risa Izumi-602-14 Risa Izumi-602-15 Risa Izumi-602-16 Risa Izumi-602-17 Risa Izumi-602-18 Risa Izumi-602-19 Risa Izumi-602-20 Risa Izumi-602-21 Risa Izumi-602-22 Risa Izumi-602-23 Risa Izumi-602-24 Risa Izumi-602-25

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4 Responses

  1. steven says:

    the photos of risa are great, especially of the 3 where she’s spinning a ribbon around her body.

  2. Elisa says:

    God, look at her breast. Lovely I don’t have a breast like that. Nice breast. 🙂

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