Kasumi Haruka retires from the AV industry with her final DVD

Kasumi Haruka who debuted very successfully just last year has announced her retirement from the AV Industry with the release of her very last DVD. You must wonder why she is retiring so quickly after such a successful launch from last year. Maybe she was only in it for some quick cash in the first place?
Kasumi Haruka-260201 Kasumi Haruka-260202 Kasumi Haruka-260203 Kasumi Haruka-260204 Kasumi Haruka-260205 Kasumi Haruka-260206 Kasumi Haruka-260207 Kasumi Haruka-260208 Kasumi Haruka-260209 Kasumi Haruka-260210 Kasumi Haruka-260211 Kasumi Haruka-260212 Kasumi Haruka-260213 Kasumi Haruka-260214 Kasumi Haruka-260215 Kasumi Haruka-260216 Kasumi Haruka-260217 Kasumi Haruka-260218 Kasumi Haruka-260219 Kasumi Haruka-260220 Kasumi Haruka-260221 Kasumi Haruka-260222 Kasumi Haruka-260223 Kasumi Haruka-260224 Kasumi Haruka-260225 Kasumi Haruka-260226 Kasumi Haruka-260227 Kasumi Haruka-260228 Kasumi Haruka-260229 Kasumi Haruka-260230 Kasumi Haruka-260231

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