The making of NMB48 Sayaka Yamamoto’s photobook

One of last year’s best selling photobook from NMB48’s Sayaka Yamamoto was revived this year thanks to the release of its DVD that captured the making process of the photobook. The countless additional beautiful scenes and images of Sayaka was the reasons for its release.
Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-01 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-02 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-03 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-04 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-05 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-06 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-07 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-08 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-09 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-10 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-11 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-12 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-13 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-14 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-15 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-16 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-17 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-18 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-19 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-20 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-21 Sayaka Yamamoto-2003-22

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