Amazing cosplay at the 12th Annual Nippombashi Street Festa

Cosplay Queen Otogi Nekomu makes a surprising entry into this year’s Street Festa dressing up as Haruna Sairenji from To Love-Ru. Not sure if her over the top busty figure is a right fit for Haruna who is usually a lot slimmer but not that anyone is complaining.
Street Festa-2203-01 Street Festa-2203-02 Street Festa-2203-03 Street Festa-2203-04 Street Festa-2203-05 Street Festa-2203-06 Street Festa-2203-07 Street Festa-2203-08 Street Festa-2203-10 Street Festa-2203-11 Street Festa-2203-12 Street Festa-2203-13 Street Festa-2203-14 Street Festa-2203-15 Street Festa-2203-16 Street Festa-2203-17 Street Festa-2203-18 Street Festa-2203-19 Street Festa-2203-20

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