Gravure idol Uchida Rio’s gravure shoot in Taiwan

24 year old Rio who recently starred in the straight to DVD Kamen Raider Chase movie was recently spotted in a gravure shoot in Taiwan (featured as part of the manga magazine Young Jump’s newest issue). Given her status as an actress and fashion model on top of her gravure idol work , it is no no wonder how well some of these photos have turned out.
Uchida Rio-1904-01 Uchida Rio-1904-02 Uchida Rio-1904-03 Uchida Rio-1904-04 Uchida Rio-1904-05 Uchida Rio-1904-07 Uchida Rio-1904-08 Uchida Rio-1904-09 Uchida Rio-1904-10 Uchida Rio-1904-11 Uchida Rio-1904-12 Uchida Rio-1904-13 Uchida Rio-1904-14



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