Mai Kamuro’s public gravure shoot in New York

31 year old D Cup actress and former hostess’s latest gravure photo book was shot in New York, based on some of the pictures seems like she took a risk and did some shots that could have been considered public nudity. Surely the ones taken on the street and the coffee shop must have been seen by the public?
Mai Kamuro-1505-01 Mai Kamuro-1505-02 Mai Kamuro-1505-03 Mai Kamuro-1505-04 Mai Kamuro-1505-05 Mai Kamuro-1505-06 Mai Kamuro-1505-07 Mai Kamuro-1505-08 Mai Kamuro-1505-09 Mai Kamuro-1505-10 Mai Kamuro-1505-11 Mai Kamuro-1505-12 Mai Kamuro-1505-13 Mai Kamuro-1505-15 Mai Kamuro-1505-16 Mai Kamuro-1505-17

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