Goddess of AV F Cup Asuka Kirara is at it again

Even when she is on the wrong side of 20, at 27 years old Asuka Kirara is still dominating the AV scene. With a face and body liker hers (those natural perky F Cups is pretty unfair). Her newest AV DVD will be release next month on the 7th and based on the preview pictures so far she is still looking as hot as ever.
Asuka Kirara-1206-01 Asuka Kirara-1206-02 Asuka Kirara-1206-03 Asuka Kirara-1206-05 Asuka Kirara-1206-06 Asuka Kirara-1206-07 Asuka Kirara-1206-08 Asuka Kirara-1206-09 Asuka Kirara-1206-10 Asuka Kirara-1206-11 Asuka Kirara-1206-12 Asuka Kirara-1206-13 Asuka Kirara-1206-14 Asuka Kirara-1206-15 Asuka Kirara-1206-16 Asuka Kirara-1206-17 Asuka Kirara-1206-18 Asuka Kirara-1206-19

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