Variety TV show Ranking Kingdom featuring Bikini Girls

Long time running variety TV show Ranking Kingdom which goes ranking anything and everything has taken their rankings to the beach recently and featured rankings such as a bikini girl’s favorite pose for the camera. The ranking itself is not too interesting, but the wide range of busty girls was quite staggering. Nutrition has certainly improved in recent years.
Ranking Kingdom-3008-01 Ranking Kingdom-3008-02 Ranking Kingdom-3008-03 Ranking Kingdom-3008-05 Ranking Kingdom-3008-06 Ranking Kingdom-3008-07 Ranking Kingdom-3008-08 Ranking Kingdom-3008-09 Ranking Kingdom-3008-10 Ranking Kingdom-3008-11 Ranking Kingdom-3008-12 Ranking Kingdom-3008-13 Ranking Kingdom-3008-14 Ranking Kingdom-3008-15 Ranking Kingdom-3008-16 Ranking Kingdom-3008-17 Ranking Kingdom-3008-18 Ranking Kingdom-3008-19 Ranking Kingdom-3008-20 Ranking Kingdom-3008-21 Ranking Kingdom-3008-22 Ranking Kingdom-3008-23 Ranking Kingdom-3008-24 Ranking Kingdom-3008-25 Ranking Kingdom-3008-26 Ranking Kingdom-3008-27 Ranking Kingdom-3008-28

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