Gorgeous Fumika Baba features in weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine

non-no model Fumika Baba who will be releasing her first ever gravure photo book in early December was recently featured in an issue of the weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine and she looked absolutely amazing. Looks like her photo book will be selling like hot cake.
fumika-baba-910-01 fumika-baba-910-02 fumika-baba-910-03 fumika-baba-910-04 fumika-baba-910-05 fumika-baba-910-06 fumika-baba-910-07 fumika-baba-910-08 fumika-baba-910-09 fumika-baba-910-10 fumika-baba-910-11 fumika-baba-910-12 fumika-baba-910-13 fumika-baba-910-14 fumika-baba-910-15 fumika-baba-910-16 fumika-baba-910-17 fumika-baba-910-18 fumika-baba-910-19

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