Japanese cosplayer HARU as Yukari Yukino

Mako Shinkai director of the latest animation movie hit “Your Name” aka “Kimi no Na Wa” was the inspiration of cosplayer HARU’s latest work where she cosplayed as Yukari Yukino from his last featured film titled “The Garden of Words”. Gotta hand it to HARU, she had some of the frames down to the most concise details.
yukari-yukino-1010-01 yukari-yukino-1010-02 yukari-yukino-1010-03 yukari-yukino-1010-04 yukari-yukino-1010-05 yukari-yukino-1010-06 yukari-yukino-1010-07 yukari-yukino-1010-08 yukari-yukino-1010-09 yukari-yukino-1010-10 yukari-yukino-1010-11 yukari-yukino-1010-12 yukari-yukino-1010-13 yukari-yukino-1010-14 yukari-yukino-1010-15 yukari-yukino-1010-16 yukari-yukino-1010-17 yukari-yukino-1010-18 yukari-yukino-1010-20 yukari-yukino-1010-21 yukari-yukino-1010-22 yukari-yukino-1010-23 yukari-yukino-1010-24 yukari-yukino-1010-25 yukari-yukino-1010-26 yukari-yukino-1010-27

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