French cosplayer SeedDestiny wows Japanese netizen

A French cosplayer by the name of SeedDestiny was recently a hot topic of Japanese netizen due to the quality of her cosplays. While her beautifully crafted body has something to do with it, that incredible air brushing probably contributed a lot of the attention.
french-cosplayer-1510-01 french-cosplayer-1510-03 french-cosplayer-1510-04 french-cosplayer-1510-05 french-cosplayer-1510-06 french-cosplayer-1510-07 french-cosplayer-1510-08 french-cosplayer-1510-09 french-cosplayer-1510-10 french-cosplayer-1510-11 french-cosplayer-1510-12 french-cosplayer-1510-13 french-cosplayer-1510-14 french-cosplayer-1510-15 french-cosplayer-1510-16 french-cosplayer-1510-17 french-cosplayer-1510-18 french-cosplayer-1510-19 french-cosplayer-1510-20 french-cosplayer-1510-21 french-cosplayer-1510-22 french-cosplayer-1510-23 french-cosplayer-1510-24 french-cosplayer-1510-25

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