Nude photo shoot of 51 AV actresses

A recent nude photo shoot of AV actresses included a corroboration effort of 51 AV actresses. What could have been a master piece like the last time something like this happened turned into something that resembles somewhat like a horror movie…maybe this is just me.

2016_1017_04_01-pc 2016_1017_04_02-pc

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2016_1017_04_03-pc 2016_1017_04_04-pc 2016_1017_04_05-pc 2016_1017_04_06-pc 2016_1017_04_07-pc

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2016_1017_04_08-pc 2016_1017_04_09-pc 2016_1017_04_10-pc 2016_1017_04_11-pc

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